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Ukraine Daily Summary - Tuesday, April 23

How Johnson came to allow a vote on Ukraine aid after months of delays -- Over 20,000 Russian troops trying to storm Chasiv Yar, outskirts -- Russia’s energy infrastructure attacks are depopulating Ukraine -- Polish protesters stop blockade at Yahodyn-Dorohusk border crossing -- and more

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Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, April 22

Ukraine will be 'able to blunt' Russia's offensive if US aid arrives quickly -- Ukraine aid bill finally passes the House – what happens next? -- Poland, Lithuania, other NATO allies begin military exercise around Suwalki Gap -- Blinken to warn Beijing over support for Russia in upcoming trip to China -- and more

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Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, April 21

Slovak citizens raise $2.8 million for Czech ammunition initiative after government refuses to contribute -- Ukraine's obsolete S-200 anti-aircraft missile systems reportedly back on track to hit Russian targets -- US considers deploying extra military advisers to Ukraine -- Ukrainian drones strike Russian energy facilities overnight -- and more