is upgraded to Plume 0.4.0! ปรับรุ่นเป็น Plume 0.4.0 แล้ว

Yeah! is powered by Plume 0.4.0 now.

The process is pretty easy, if you are running you instance from docker-compose, you can just follow this page

But because is running from my customized shell script, so I just modify my original script as below:



docker pull$VERSION

docker stop plume
docker rm plume

docker run --rm \
    --link=postgres \
    -v /data/plume/static/media:/app/static/media:z \
    -v /data/plume/env:/app/.env:z \
    -v /data/plume/search_index:/app/search_index:z \$VERSION \
    plm migration run

docker run -d --restart=always --name=plume \
    --link=postgres \
    -v /data/plume/static/media:/app/static/media:z \
    -v /data/plume/env:/app/.env:z \
    -v /data/plume/search_index:/app/search_index:z \$VERSION

This is a public Plume instance running on my personal computer at home. Do not expect it to be available 24/7. It also consumes 50W or around 150 THB a month. So, if you may kindly donate 10% for my electricity bill, yes?