Important tips for better sleep

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Move regularly during the day

A certain physical activity in the fresh air contributes to a healthy and restful night's sleep. Therefore, you should at least take a walk in the evening, if you are not able to do so during the day due to time constraints. With this simple measure, you can avoid insomnia.

Get to rest properly before sleep

Before you go to bed, it is very important that you come to rest. Yoga exercises, mental training or focused breathing exercises have a sleep-promoting effect and can help you fall asleep better.

Do not do great physical exertion or mental activity just before bed, because it does not really rest your body and mind.

It is also important for insomnia that you do without exciting movies in the evening. They only amplify your sleep problems. Listen to soothing music or read a soothing book. Similarly, you would better postpone exciting conversations until the next day.

Keep fixed bedtimes

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Fixed sleep and rise times are very important so that you can strengthen your sleep awake rhythm. Just lie down in bed with good sheets that you can choose from on, if you are really tired and sleepy. Lie sleepless in bed as little as possible so that your body can adjust to a healthy rhythm. But this also means that you should not lie in bed longer than necessary in the morning, even if it is still so cuddly. Otherwise, your circulation will only get off to a bad start.

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People who prefer to cuddle for a while in the morning usually feel powerless and sluggish during the day – which in turn promotes insomnia. Therefore, find a sleep rhythm that is good for you and keeps your body healthy and fit.

In the evening avoid caffeinated drinks and lavish meals

In the evening you should avoid sumptuous meals and spicy dishes. They can lead to heartburn, which in turn can end in insomnia. However, there is no objection to a light snack. It even encourages falling asleep. Some people swear by a cup of warm milk with honey when they cannot fall asleep. Drunk immediately before bed, they slumber immediately.

Do not drink cola, coffee, tea or other caffeinated drinks in the evening.

It is best to find out for yourself at what time the drinks will cause you difficulty falling asleep. This allows them to prevent at least secondary insomnia.

Avoid alcohol in the evening

The consumption of alcohol significantly disturbs the night's sleep. Therefore, check your habits. Do not use alcohol as a sleeping drink, even if you mean you can fall asleep better. It is not a restful sleep, as the REM sleep phase is reduced and in the second half of the night, there is a great restlessness in the body. Your sleep problems are not solved with alcohol as a snooze drink. If you want to drink alcohol, it is only in small measures and not in the evening just before bedtime.

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