Intelligent Train Maintenance

Since 1991, DINGO has given Trakka, our exclusive condition the executives programming, to clients in resource escalated ventures. The innovation and projects created as a team with our worldwide mining customers have given the establishment to our contribution in the rail business.

As of now, in excess of 11,000 diesel train greased up parts are being observed day by day in Trakka. By utilizing the incredible examination in our Trakka programming, our rail clients have acknowledged expanded armada accessibility, diminished work and support costs, and expanded motor life.

An exhibit of the advantages of Trakka when utilized in rail applications. This video strolls through the ID of coolant and fuel weakening issues in motors and an orientation disappointment in a gearbox.

A typical information climate for rail route upkeep choice help permits you to proactively deal with your rail line resources dependent on current and recorded track and rail resource information. You can consolidate resource condition information with natural, monetary, and plan information to comprehend both the condition of the resources and how they are weakening after some time. Spending plan, assets, and access imperatives can be looked into outwardly alongside the anticipated disintegration of the resource and the effect of resource disappointment on the general framework. This permits you to work on the adequacy of upkeep work arranging.

Streamlining upkeep for rail resources is fundamental for conveying a protected, dependable, and beneficial rail organization. Having exact data about your rail resources is a critical piece of a prescient upkeep choice help climate.

Our answer joins resource condition information with natural, monetary, and plan information for you to comprehend the state and working state of key rail resources for work on the general uprightness and wellbeing of your rail organization. Kindly check DINGO for more data.