How Trakka Uses Predictive Analytics to Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Forestalling gear disappointments and lessening spontaneous upkeep is basic to usefulness and the primary concern. Prescient upkeep with Trakka® will help better oversee hazard in your support activity, dispose of spontaneous hardware disappointments, and increment generally speaking consistency, efficiency, and security.

Profound Industry Expertise and Predictive Maintenance Technology

DINGO utilizes a novel mix of individuals, innovation, and information to give noteworthy bits of knowledge that further develop resource wellbeing, increment usefulness, and expand resource life. How can it function?

Gathering Data

With Trakka’s consistent mixes and in-field information assortment abilities, all ongoing and cluster condition checking information can be ingested into one stage and examined all the while. We make the information assortment measure basic by utilizing pre-arranged interfaces to associate with your current information sources and IT framework.

Boosting Asset Health

Trakka consolidates prescient investigation with work process the board, including shut circle, nonstop observing, and activity following. Issues stay open and are firmly followed until your hardware gets back to its ordinary working state. This methodology builds resource accessibility, further develops resource wellbeing, and enhances asset usage.