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Ukraine Daily Summary - Thursday, April 25

Explaining Washington’s REPO Act that could kick-start the confiscation of frozen Russian assets -- Russia planning to disrupt global peace summit in Switzerland -- SBU drone attack destroys 26,000 cubic meters of Russian fuel in Smolensk Oblast -- Russia to supply China with cheaper gas compared to European market at least through 2027 -- and more

Vivaldi не позволит машине лгать вам

Тенденция интеграции LLM не миновала и веб-браузеры. С этим связаны фундаментальные проблемы, и Vivaldi решает их.

Искусственный интеллект принадлежит корпорациям

Не стройте иллюзий: искусственный интеллект принадлежит крупным технологическим компаниям

Dystopian AI Cartoon

I've never loved anything as much as I love this - for the wrong reasons

The Open-Source Portal: Adventures Across the Multiverse

A public domain story written by the ChatGPT AI.

Investigative Stories from Ukraine - Week of February 13

Russia's state censor to track Putin memes with the help of AI -- RFE/RL identifies Russian commanders, FSB supervisors responsible for tortures in Kharkiv Oblast -- Corruption case against MP sent to court following journalist investigation -- and more

What if Star Wars, Dune, Star Trek are in the same universe

Tell a story mixed of Star Wars, Dune, and Star Trek with the writing style of Isaac Asimov

Bangkok X-Files

Tell a horror story in the theme of The X-Files, but make Bangkok as the location of the event, also put that Mulder and Scully enjoy some Thai foods. The writing style should look like Stephen King as much as possible.

Cyber Lord of The Rings

Tell a story of The Lord of The Rings in a modern timeframe with modern technologies such as computer and AI

The End of GDPR & the Rise of Data Discrimination

Corrupt, Tory profiteers eliminate data protection to allow their donors to make huge profits from your private data