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Song from AI

What if Star Wars, Dune, Star Trek are in the same universe

Tell a story mixed of Star Wars, Dune, and Star Trek with the writing style of Isaac Asimov

Bangkok X-Files

Tell a horror story in the theme of The X-Files, but make Bangkok as the location of the event, also put that Mulder and Scully enjoy some Thai foods. The writing style should look like Stephen King as much as possible.

Cyber Lord of The Rings

Tell a story of The Lord of The Rings in a modern timeframe with modern technologies such as computer and AI

ได้ Boox Poke 4 Lite มาแล้ว

ป้องกัน IPv6 รั่วเมื่อใช้ ProtonVPN

This Plume Instance Is No Longer Free To Register


cons car cdr

ซื้อ Logitech MX Ergo มาใช้ รู้สึกไงกับ Trackball ราคาสองพันกลาง

How to build and use a kernel in WSL2

Data-Oriented สายเกมส์

Mercurial with Rust

ทดลอง build Mercurial ที่มี Rust Extension

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Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, April 12

EU Parliament refuses decision on budget until members commit more Patriots to Ukraine -- ‘I thought I would never walk again:’ Children injured by Russia's war learn to live with prosthetics -- 'I’d be a king in Somalia with this money:’ Foreign POWs on being lured to fight for Russia in Ukraine -- Freedom House: Ukraine on democratic path amid rising authoritarianism in region -- and more

Advantages of Batch Type Small Charcoal Making Machine

Top Benefits Associated With The Egg Carton Machine

Top Benefits Associated With The Egg Carton Machine

«Колибри Клининг» открывает филиалы в городах Московской области

Лечение алкоголизма, наркомании и игромании в СПБ

SilverCrest SKD1000A3

El walkman que NO debes comprar

Sanyo MW738L

Walkmans, radio cassetes, equipos de música...

Ukraine Daily Summary - Thursday, April 11

Nordic, Baltic nations call on NATO to increase support for Ukraine -- UN says more than 600 Ukrainian civilians killed or injured in March, up 20% from February -- Germany delivers artillery shells, drones, armored vehicles to Ukraine -- Small US-made drones perform poorly in Ukraine -- and more

What Makes a Good Rubber Tire Gantry Crane Manufacturer

Новые дорожные ирригаторы Revyline RL 660 New скоро появятся в филиале компании в Грозном с доставкой

By ra-prApril 11, 2024RA-PR

Selecting The Right Gravel Crusher Machine

Электрическая зубная щетка Revyline RL040 White и зубная паста Revyline Smart с доставкой по Самарской области

By ra-prApril 10, 2024RA-PR

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