Articles tagged "Druzhba"

Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, October 2

Warehouses reportedly damaged in Russian-occupied Crimean city -- Russian missile attack hits civilian infrastructure in Kharkiv -- Estonian volunteer killed in Lyman -- Drones strike Sochi, Smolensk -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, July 22

Russia tries to conduct sabotage raids in Sumy, Chernihiv oblasts -- Russia threatens Ukrainians who don't take passports with deportation -- Russian missiles hit grain warehouses in Odesa Oblast -- France says China is supplying Russia with non-lethal military aid -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, June 18

Evidence suggests Russia blew Kakhovka dam -- Putin lies about invasion, children abductions to visiting delegation of African leaders -- Russian forces fail to advance in the east, conduct 37 airstrikes across Ukraine -- African leaders came to Ukraine to ask for suspension of Putin's arrest warrant -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, October 31

Wheat prices soar after Russia exits grain deal -- Russian troops blow up bridge over Krasna River in Luhansk Oblast -- Russia plants more mines around Sievierodonetsk, brings mobilized troops -- Oct. 29 drone attack likely hit Russian frigate Admiral Makarov in Sevastopol -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, 13 June 2022

Putin doesn’t care how Russia is perceived in the West -- 'Specialist gang' smuggles Ukraine’s historic artifacts into Russia -- UN commission investigates Russia's war crimes in Kyiv Oblast -- Russian forces export stolen metal from Mariupol -- Russia ‘continues to struggle with generating additional combat-capable units -- and more