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Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, February 16

How Ukraine destroys Russia’s Black Sea Fleet one ship at a time [video explainer] -- NATO, Ukraine to launch joint training center in Poland -- Pashinyan says Azerbaijan may plan 'full-scale war' against Armenia -- Explosion reportedly occurs at military plant in Russia's Altai region -- Ukraine to receive 1 million drones from allies in 2024 -- and more

Redeem you, Gaza

Before Israel invades Rafah.

Ukraine Daily Summary - Thursday, February 8

Ukraine preparing to launch mass production of Lancet drone analog -- Kyiv residents lament over their homes destroyed by Russian attack -- Leading Chinese bank halts operations in Russia, Belarus -- EU promises to deliver over 1 million shells by end of year -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Thursday, February 1

Germany hands over IRIS-T anti-air missiles, armored vehicles, other equipment in latest delivery to Ukraine -- UN Court rules Russia broke international anti-terrorism financing treaty -- Russia suffers large-scale internet outages -- 207 Ukrainian POWs return home; Ukraine says Russian airbase in Crimea struck -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, January 17

F-16s for Ukraine: When will they arrive and what can they do? -- EU chief says aid package for Ukraine will be approved 'with or without' Hungary's approval -- Belarus prepares new military doctrine allowing use of nuclear weapons -- Downed A-50 spy plane 'serious blow' to Russia's aviation -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, December 8

Russian soldier who kidnapped teenager sentenced to 12 years in prison -- In heavily shelled Kupiansk, some choose to stay despite constant risk of killing -- Ukraine, US sign statement of intent on co-production of weapons -- Lithuania investigating how Abramovich's children received citizenship, plans to amend law -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Tuesday, November 7

Russian ship Askold possibly beyond repair following Ukraine's strike -- Russia stockpiling missiles in anticipation of freezing temperatures -- Ukraine Defense Industry confirms mass production of Ukrainian long-range drones -- Russian FSB colonel suspected of torturing Kherson Oblast residents -- and more

Palestine-Israel War and Why I'm not talking about trends

On collective passions, mankind ignorance, and the War

Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, October 11

Bulgarian authorities uncover plot to export military equipment to Russia -- Special forces of Russia, Belarus plan false flag attack on Belarusian territory -- Russia fails to regain seat on UN Human Rights Council -- Russia launching new offensive in Avdiivka -- Ukrainian forces reportedly advance southeast, east as weather worsens -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Tuesday, October 10

Russia provides Hamas with Western weapons captured in Ukraine -- Military intelligence confirms missile attack on Russian targets in Crimea -- SBU names Kherson collaborator suspected of torture of civilians -- Inside a Russian prisoner of war camp in Ukraine -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, October 9

1 in 5 Europe-based Russian spies located in Switzerland -- Russia to launch record number of Shahed drones this fall, winter -- Russia pursues UN Human Rights Panel seat after ejection over Ukraine war -- Could an election and history’s ghosts upend Ukrainian-Polish alliance? -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, October 8

Russian strike on funeral: Devastated village copes with aftermath of Russian strike on funeral -- Russia launches over 700 strikes on Kupiansk-Lyman axis in one day -- Ukraine, Japan start negotiations on bilateral security guarantees agreement -- Russia deploying 'all available' reserves north of Bakhmut -- and more