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Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, February 18

Avdiivka shows we need air defenses, long-range weapons, shells -- Czechia can deliver 800,000 shells to Ukraine if allied financing secured -- Ukraine downs 3 Russian warplanes -- US to transfer confiscated Russian funds to Ukraine via Estonia -- Mass protests in Hungary over child sex abuse scandal -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Tuesday, February 13

Ukraine to produce thousands of long-range drones in 2024 -- Russia stops using 'human wave' attacks due to insufficient troops in Avdiivka -- Agriculture Ministry strongly condemns deliberate destruction of Ukrainian grain by Polish protesters -- EU agrees on new measures to isolate frozen Russian funds -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Thursday, February 8

Ukraine preparing to launch mass production of Lancet drone analog -- Kyiv residents lament over their homes destroyed by Russian attack -- Leading Chinese bank halts operations in Russia, Belarus -- EU promises to deliver over 1 million shells by end of year -- and more

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Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, January 10

Inside occupied Ukraine’s most effective resistance movements -- Freight train derailed in Russia's far east -- Drones reportedly hit oil depot, energy provider in Russia’s Oryol region -- Frozen Russian assets can cover 80% of Ukraine's reconstruction needs -- and more

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