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Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, September 20

First ship with Ukrainian grain leaves Black Sea port through temporary corridor -- Opposition to Ukrainian grain incited by Russian propaganda -- Denmark to send Ukraine 45 more tanks in cooperation with partners -- Russia's aggression poses threat beyond Ukraine -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, August 4

Russia carries out forced, systematic passportization in occupied territories -- Czech company says Russia obtained its drone components via third parties -- Russia's war in Ukraine is 'assault on global food system' -- Romania investigating reports of Russian drone debris falling on its territory -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, July 28

Russian oligarchs enjoy luxury life in UK under sanctions exemptions -- Ukraine needs more air defenses to protect its cities -- Putin attempts to bribe African leaders with free grain after pulling out of grain deal -- Ukraine's energy operator readies for worst-case scenario next winter -- China's support increasingly important for Russia's war effort -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, July 26

Russia retreats from Andriivka as Ukraine makes gains near Bakhmut -- UN rejects Russia's claims on Olenivka prison massacre -- F-16 jets will enable Ukraine to protect grain corridor -- Wheat prices rise sharply after Russian attacks on Ukrainian port infrastructure -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, July 21

'Uprooted' the documentary of Ukrainian Children's forced deportation to Russia -- Russia's Black Sea blockade at risk from Ukrainian surface drones, missiles -- Russian strikes against Odesa to cause large-scale food crisis -- Head of Belarus' Red Cross admits to deporting Ukrainian children -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Thursday, July 20

How Russian ultra-nationalists undermine Putin’s narratives -- Russia retreats from positions near Orikhovo-Vasylivka in Bakhmut direction -- Russia deliberately targets grain infrastructure in Odesa Oblast -- Kyrgyzstan supplying military parts to Russia, US could respond with sanctions -- 4 NASAMS systems announced for Ukraine -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Tuesday, July 18

The fight to bring Russian leadership to justice puts legal systems to ultimate test -- Grain deal collapse: Russian actions are 'blackmail' -- Ukraine liberates almost 18 square kilometres within week -- Russia faces worsening counter-battery capabilities -- and more

The Taste of Poverty

When you make too much for a food bank you're basically on your own

South Englandshire

Putting the Great in to "Don't Swim in the Water Because it's Full of Piss, Shit, and Jellyfish"

Ukraine Daily Summary - Tuesday, June 13

Russia preparing evacuations, sabotage in Crimea amid Kakhovka dam destruction -- Russia strikes civilian buildings in Kryvyi Rih -- Kakhovka dam destruction disrupts water, power supply but offers sustainable reset -- Russian bombs in Belarus bear political significance -- Why Washington’s approach to punishing Russia won’t work -- and more

Things are Depressing

But I'm trying, as well as I can

Ukraine Daily Summary - Tuesday, April 25

Lithuanian President: 'Red lines' regarding military aid to Ukraine must be crossed -- 'Exhausted' troops, 'disorganized' deployment will likely hinder Russia's prospects of holding critical frontline areas in Ukraine -- Russia tries to conceal its dwindling nuclear stockpile -- Former Polish PM: Ending war in Ukraine with compromises would lead to new dangers -- and more